Pull Tabs


What is a pull-tab?

A pull-tab is the piece of metal that opens aluminum cans. Like the can, the pull-tab is able to be recycled. It is a small, yet valuable piece. Did you know it takes 1,267 pull tabs to make 1 pound?

Why collect pull-tabs?

Saving the tab is a simple way of recycling for our House. All the collections add up to make an incredible impact in providing a home-away-from-home for the families during the medical treatment of their seriously ill child. This is the perfect way to show your heartfelt support for those in need. Pull-tabs are pure aluminum and can be sold as scrap to a local dealer to raise money for our House.

Please pass the word along

to your neighbors, schools, businesses, community groups and anyone else you can think of. No matter your age, everyone is able to collect tabs and the families who stay with us will be the true beneficiaries of your time and effort as 100% of all monies earned from the pull-tabs are put directly back into the daily operations of the House.

tab bins

Why not collect the entire can?

The pull-tabs are easily removed and cleaner to collect than cans, enabling our House to handle large volumes with less storage space. Furthermore, most of the value of the entire can is right there in that little tab.




Additional Information about our Pull-Tab Program

  • Speakers are available to visit your group and talk about our tab program.
For more information on our pull-tab program or to arrange for a speaker, please call (239) 437-0202.
To drop off your pull-tabs, please visit the Ronald McDonald House at
16100 Roserush Court, Fort Myers, FL 33908.


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