Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® of Lee County

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® of Lee County operates through a partnership with the Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Grampy’s Charities, Patterson Dental, and Southwest Florida Children’s Charities. The mission of the Care Mobile Program is to deliver “Hope on Wheels” and improve the health status of underserved children by providing quality healthcare services and subsequent follow-up.

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® of Lee County:

  • Reduces reliance on costly and inappropriate health resources, such as hospital emergency departments
  • Raises awareness of healthy lifestyles
  • Providing access to health care where children need it most
  • Addresses the community’s most critical childhood health needs

Services Include:

  • Prevention: Delivering dental education, which reduces overall dental costs, addresses behavior and lifestyle choices and helps motivate families to improve and maintain a healthy smile.
  • Treatment: Providing screenings, varnish and sealants.
  • Coming Soon: Vision, Hearing, and Autism screening.

Visit their website to learn more, take a tour of the Care Mobile, and much more! Click here to contact them directly via email or call 239-931-3876.

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